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I recall when my son was little, I decorated its bedroom ceiling with some glow-in-the-dark stars. We all loved the idea! They were blue-tagged and sadly the blue-tag of that time made a mess when many years later I decided to remove them when moving out.

Today, it seems trendy to have that night sky feeling inside buildings. As you can see in those photos, the ceilings are painted in night sky blue or black and are decorated with many little lights. The effect is stunning as long as your ceiling is very high – this point is essential!!!

The Aston - Classic Constructions

Some trendy restaurants also decided to bring on dark ceilings – maybe we can’t see our food as well – but this gives a nice and cosy atmosphere in the place.

Black ceiling

From a Feng Shui perspective, having the sky above your heads creates the feeling of infinity, it opens up your mind and possibilities. Avoid having this decor on normal height ceilings please as this would deter the point and you would make the room feeling much smaller.

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