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Do you miss the days when the ceilings were nicely decorated? I’d love to put this back into fashion 🙂

In Feng Shui, attics as well as ceilings symbolise what we think (in our head). Too much junk in attics or old objects reminding you of bad memories could be stored there too – all those negativity stagnates above your heads. Likewise, cracked ceilings or traces of water damaged (repaired or not) are not the best omens to live a sane and positive life.

gold ceiling

Looking at Asian temples and monuments, ceilings are often decorated with golden leaves. Imagine living with gold above our heads – how rich we would feel!

Nice lighting in our modern interiors can do the job though.

Ceiling apparent beams are lines that ‘cut’ the Chi above our heads, Asians decorate their beams to dissipate their negative effects.

idee plafond feng shuiAs illustrated (right) with this modern room, today’s decorators are keen to make rooms cosy and use tasteful draping even if there is no beam.

Today, look up, check your ceilings, clean up your lights, change the broken bulbs and think of washing or repainting your ceilings if necessary.

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