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Dear Roseline, We have been here in our new home 2 and a bit years and my family and I have all felt displaced and unsettled. Something is not quite right! Your advice would be appreciated. – Jordan, Australia

Dear Jordan,

There are many reasons why someone would feel unsettled. I will list only a few with dot points – this list is far from being exhaustive!

Could be that…

  • Was this new house built on a aboriginal burial site?
  • Do you still long to your old home?
  • Did you say goodbye to your old house (equally important if you rented or owned it) ?
  • Did you take with you in this new home newly bought antiques or mirrors that had been used by another person?
  • Did you bring in with you in this new place objects of recently deceased people?
  • Is your house located near one of those really high electric poles? or high electric fields?
  • Is your new place ‘closed in’ and were you used before to have a large garden or lived on a big property?
  • What is across of your main entry door?

More details from you would be welcomed so I could give you further suggestions. Cheers!

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