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Reader’s question

Dear Roseline,
May I ask you a question regarding jewelry that belonged to a loved one. Sadly, I lost my mother a week ago and she gave me the ring that was hers for 7 decades. I wonder if it’s ‘good feng shui’ to safely wear it or if I simply have to clean it? For the past 2 years it had been locked in a safe as she was scared that it would have been stolen in the retirement home where she spent her last years.

Thank you for all your articles on your blog, they have already helped lots of my friends. – X.D. (Australia)

Dear X.D.,

Firstly accept my deepest condolences, it is always hard to loose a loved one and certainly is a challenge too wondering what to do with material possessions and memories.

Your mum’s ring will be carrying her energies especially if she had been wearing it for many decades. For example, I received a while ago an very old and beautiful pearl neckless from an old friend of mine who herself had received it from a deceased friend who survived time in concentration camps. The first time I wore the neckless, Ifelt like something was strangling me. I thus put it several times outside in a ceramic bowl during full moon nights. I repeated this 3 months in a row.
When I wore it 3 months later, after those clearing rituals, the old clip broke. I brought it to a jeweller and had it repaired. Ever since, I wear it either around my neck or as bracelet and each time, I think of my friend who since passed away. She was a strong and courageous lady. I believe that this trait of character is re-activated in my memory every time I put on the neckless. MAybe it has inflenced my courage and perseverance too?

Thank you for your answer, Roseline, I now will start the clearing process and will keep you posted. X.D.

Roseline Deleu
Feng Shui Master, Consultant, Author & Inspirational Speaker
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