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roseline-deleu-business-cardLet’s look into some Feng Shui suggestions to design a good and effective business card. Indeed, it is the most compact marketing tool you will ever carry in your wallet and often the most powerful one too.

Make it easy for people to contact you.
Therefore, ensure that your business card is easy to read.

I know for sure that many people who met me remember vaguely my name – Roseline Deleu is not the easiest name to remember nor to spell correctly. Hence why I designed my business card so that people will easily link it with me.

Business cards are still very fashionable and a good way for people to remember how to contact you. Your card says everything about what they need to know and you present yourself and your business in the way most want to be seen.

A well thought-out and designed business card allows you to specialise in and attract the sort of business you want.
For example: for those who start in life or are running a small solicitor’s practice, with the goal of becoming a local leader in conveyancing, you can promote that fact with a simple tagline such as “specialising in conveyancing”.

Always carry plenty of cards and make sure that they are in perfect condition – invest in  a card box or holder from your favourite stationery shop.


DO:   🙂
Include all relevant contact details, such as names, job titles, address, phone numbers, mobile phone, fax, email and website.
– Have a look at the business cards of other companies and individuals in your industry for ideas and reference.
– Communicate well with your designer. Give him/her lots of options and information regarding your vision. There is no use portraying your company as ‘cutting-edge & funky’’, when the reality is ‘traditional & conservative’.
– Match the style of the card to the essence of your company – whether it’s quirky, conservative, traditional, dynamic, artistic or leading-edge.
– Choose a distinctive font without going over the top, people need to be able to read the type.
– Ensure the type is large enough to read, as many people who need glasses don’t necessarily wear them all the time!
-Include your logo or trademark, or a distinctive design element.

DON’T:   😦
– Don’t forget your name is the most important unit of copy on the card, ensure that it is not dwarfed by other elements.
– Don’t make your card too fussy or busy.
– Don’t use too many colours, remember the image you want to project
– Don’t use fonts with serifs, they are not particularly suitable and should not be used in upper case.

– glossy varnish, a slogan or embossed paper can make an ordinary business card look outstanding.
– use stock of 250-300 gsm strong paper will look good, feel sturdy and stand the test of time.

And at the end of all these suggestions, if you still doubt, contact me by email with your project.   🙂

Feng Shui Yours,

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master