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As usual, I was tempted to put it off (again and again) because it was never ‘the right time’. I was quite stressed just finishing my work contract and plenty of other things at hand!
Now,  I am so proud and happy that I completed the 5 day Training to become a Feng Shui Practitioner, with Roseline Deleu.

I met Roseline in February 2008 and since May of that special year I wished to follow her course. So it was long overdue. Finally we decided to go ahead.

clo-wardrobeRoseline came and we “Feng Shui-ed” my place as this is part of the teaching (big enjoyable bonus!!!). Yes – We moved furniture around. Yes – We de-cluttered draws, wardrobe and book shelves. This is the active part of the Feng Shui. However, we went much deeper into the reality of this art of placement!

Roseline often spoke and taught about the Nature elements, about the power of them working together in harmony… or not working in harmony   😦
She had me thinking and observing Nature and its amazing work.

Roseline asked off me repeatedly to reflect on: “what does one element to the other”.
– What happens if there is too much of one element when supposed to work along with another? (e.g. wood with water)
– What happens if there is too little of an element or a missing element? (e.g. wood with water)
Yes – Feng Shui is much more than just de-cluttering and moving furniture. In fact; de-cluttering and moving furniture is THE RESULT of Feng Shui understanding and practice.

When finally understanding what clutter and placement does to the energy around you, what clutter and placement does to your own energy; you want/need to de-clutter.

Much is said and written about what ingesting good or bad food does to your body and mind, much also is said about getting rid of people with low energy to keep up yours.
Little these days is said on what the environment YOU CREATE around you is doing to your mind, soul and body.
Yet this is something you alone can change for yourself; and this is Feng Shui, this positive movement and environment that you create is Feng Shui.

I will go to more into details in a few other articles to come; right now I only want to share with you a few of the first results of this amazing 5 day course:
-My place looks great and it feels really good to be here and so do I
-My wardrobe is looking colourful and quite attractive (see picture)
-I was stressed, yet, after the day 3, I could wake up in the morning around 3 or 4 am and fall asleep again easily (I stress very much at the end of a work contract hoping all of my students are able to finalise their course and get a job, I usually then wake up early and can’t find my sleep again)
-I shed 3 kg (still a lot to let go off )
-I am serene and happy again
-None-the-less, we had so much laughter and beautiful experiences

If this article comes up on Roseline’s Blog it means that I have understood what Roseline is teaching and I am sooooooo grateful to have met her and finally taken and completed her five day course.
I will even say: I wish I had done it sooner! So, if you are thinking of doing it, my advice to you is: Go, Do, Have fun and create for yourself a much easier life.

Clotilde Lachat-Monney
Feng Shui Practitioner in Perth and surrounding areas of SW Western Australia
Clotilde also offers consultations in Switzerland (Europe) her country of origin where she visits on a regular basis.
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