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A bit of humour with Feng Shui makes it easier to get!  😀


This example shows a bedroom layout in which you’d really be challenged to meet the right man. Yes, this room would belong to a spinster or a single woman with problems – or eventually a master bedroom of a couple where the poor husband would not have much to say in the relationship. Let’s have a look at the hints here:

  1. The bed is centered in the middle of the wall, which is usually ‘good feng shui’ – yes, but… it doesn’t seemed balanced as on one side you have a window partially covered by the pillows and on the other side two frames – none of this layout would bring equilibrium into a couple.
  2. Bed side tables and lamps are similar on both sides, which is usually ‘good feng shui’ – yes but… one of the light bulb is broken – so, no light, no energy is attracted on that side of the bed!
  3. Pink is beautiful and symbolises Love – yes, but… when the decor of your room is excessively feminine or too girly, it is recommended to add a touch of ‘male’ or ‘adult’ decor/colours/touch in there.
  4. The window cools down that side of the bed(head), while we really would like to manifest a warm and loving relationship!

Thus, we changed the bed and placed it on the other wall, where there is no window. We put a new light bulb in the lamp and changed the photos of the two little frames. One of the bedside tables (male side) is now empty and you are symbolically now ready to welcome a man into your life – not specifically straight away in your bed… one step at the time!  😉

Would you have one of those ‘Stay-out-Man-Bedroom’ and you are keen to meeting someone nice?… Send me a photo by email and I’ll answer with some suggestions in one of the upcoming blog posts.

Feng Shui Yours,

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master & Author