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BEFORE – please note following Feng Shui challenges:
a) The shiny tiled Compass is hidden by a dull mat
-> lack of direction in life
b) The artificial (silk) flower arrangement is the first we see as soon as we open the door
-> what is it in the resident’s lives that is a bit too artificial?
c) The metal shelve hosts eclectic items and clothes
-> too many different items to start a good day with a clear mind   😦
d) A few dried (dead) flowers sadly collecting dust in a glass pot on the floor
-> nothing ‘dead’ in the entry please, we need ‘life’ in an entry so that Chi can carry it with its flow around the whole house! Also, avoid small items on the floor level, they are down, you look down sadly   😦
e) Shoes near the entry… preferably in a closed in cupboard in the garage because on an open shelve in your entry foyer they may emanate a subtle smell – and after I’m sure that  worn shoes are not your favourite decoration   😀

DSC_8520  DSC_8521

AFTER –  note the changes:
a) The shiny tiled compass is now happily shining with the sunlight and an outdoor mat is doing a great job.
b) The artificial flower arrangement is now at the back of the entry door so it is no more the first thing you see when you enter.
c) A second shelve is across the first one, they now both host precious and fun objects that are loved by the grand kids when they visit. They also put a smile and bring joy into the grand parents lives when they come home.

RESULTS –  After those easy changes, the occupants soon felt calmer and peaceful, better organised and their days were filled with more laughter and smiles. After all… Happiness is priceless isn’t it!  🙂

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master