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Which building to choose and start a successful business? That’s a good question to which everyone would like an easy answer – but it is a bit more complicated than this! Among many possibilities, I’ll explain you one example here below showing  a couple of coffee shops about 100 meters apart. I wasn’t there for Feng Shui consultations but thought of taking photos for teaching purposes.

Those 2 businesses both are located in a spot where they are well seen, that’s the first essential point: BE SEEN!
Let’s see which one people will be choosing?

1. In this round building
Inside this building, many mirrors separate sections of about 4 tables where people are comfortably sitting and reading their newspapers while enjoying their coffees and other of the menu options. Mirrors multiply quantities of who is actually sitting there. We then always have the impression that it is a busy place while still very quiet too. The message that this environment gives is that is is popular and… people like that!


To add to this thoughtful interior decor, the shape of this building is very interesting because round. This shape will attract people as they will feel the welcome of embracing ‘arms’ or a ‘cocoon’ idea that this shape subliminally creates. The lovely look of combination of glass and wood makes this place look warm and is thus attractive to people who want to spend some time in there.

2. In a modern rectangular and too linear building
The ground floor hosts a famous brand coffee shop. Nevertheless its fame, its decor – like in each of these franchised coffee shops – is very cold, linear, dark, impersonal, in other words: cold. The sensation created in this place is fast pace, colours are grey, back and brown. Clients are local admin workers who don’t make time to sit and enjoy but rather pick up a cuppa and go. I took this photo at lunch time and only 3 tables were occupied in the 30 available.


Too many empty tables in an already very open space in a building at the corner of two busy streets doesn’t seem to make this place conducive to stay and relax.
With the purchase of 20+ fresh green plants creating a few more personal spaces, this coffee shop would increase its turnover tremendously. Instead of rushing for a take-away coffee, clients would like to sit and taste the patisserie too. Marketing is much more than a brand name, it is about creating a place where people feel good about themselves. It would be interesting in this case to see if the franchise would accept the idea of implementing plants.

Conclusion: we can’t change the shape of buildings – on the other hand, investing in a Feng Shui consultation with a reputable consultant is really worthwhile! Many people call me to re-vamp their business and have increased their turnovers after following my suggestions.

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master