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cowImagine my surprise when I spotted this huge white cow galloping heavily towards the highway intending to cross in front of my car -only 10 meters away- while I was driving at 100 km/h. Unfortunately here in Australia, we are used to see dead kangaroos along the roads but cows it’s rather seldom especially near a big city!

Was it a cow, a heifer or a bull, this sight only lasted a fraction of a second and didn’t allow me to see details not to catch that photo on my camera? My foot got off the accelerator and quickly moved towards the brakes to signal to the road train that was following me that I might have to stop very soon. The truck roared and luckily the animal turned around. These seconds felt like being in a slow motion movie.

I smiled as I noticed that actually I hadn’t panicked at all. My heart was not beating faster, I wasn’t even shaking afterwards and my blood pressure hadn’t increased either. I though “How lucky I am!”

I had spent my day in Nature in the bush, I was quiet and relaxed – in other words: I was living the moment and was aligned with the Oneness.

Two hours later, after picking up a friend at work, we were on another highway. The night had fallen and highways here are not lit. Peak hour, traffic was dense nevertheless moving fast. Suddenly, in the middle of the two lanes, we saw a shape that initially seemed to be a large cardboard box. We were driving again at around 100 km/h which means that a couple of seconds later we discover that actually it was an unknown concreter wheelbarrow that had escaped from his trailer.

road sign kangarooAustralia offers many road signs typical to this country : “Beware of Kangaroos, Koalas, Crocodiles, Emus… etc.” – but I have never seen one mentioning “Falling Wheelbarrows”   😀

We both smiled and said that after all, we are not always warned of all dangers, thus we need to be aligned and aware all the time, no stress, simply living the present moment.

The next morning, I choose to see the nearby Thrombolites. I decide to take that 5 km walk along the seaside and read the informative panels explaining about the flora and fauna. After 1 km, I stopped at the sign explaining about the Bungarra Burrows that was actually telling me that I could well encounter a 1.60m goanna during that walk – Oooops, that was bigger than me! Nothing was said about any dangers for humans when crossing those racehorse goannas which speed reach 60 km/h – a much higher speed than mine since I haven’t had any Olympic training lately!

goanna sign

I wondered then what to do? After a short pause, I decided to go ahead (yes, you know me!) but I must admit that I felt a little insecure, a 160 cm goanna it’s big though!

tracesA bit further down that path, I overtook a lonely 50 y.o. muscly man who was walking slowly and holding in his left hand a First Aid Kit and in his right hand what seemed to be a golf club ending with a big hook. That didn’t reassure me and… I accelerated my pace.
500 meters further, I noticed unusual fresh tracks on the earth. My vivid imagination questioned if this was a tail of one of those goannas, a snake or anything else? I felt my heart pinching lightly and my legs putting on speed here again.

Another kilometer further, I relaxed, my legs slowed down and I started again enjoying the view of the magnificent flowers, the amazing landscape in this unique part of the world.  My brain had long forgotten the danger of this goanna that could be seeing me as a tree and climbing on my little body while sticking its strong claws into my skin.

Back to the car park, I thought that those 3 ‘signs’ (the cow, the wheelbarrow and the goanna sign) in the past 24 hours, for sure meant something important!

The Cow = Immediate Danger
The Wheelbarrow = Disguised Danger
The Goanna = Potential or Imaginary Danger that has been mentioned by someone, thus put into my belief system.

– We are not often warned of dangers in life – and that when we are aware, all is often well.

– On the other hand, when a potentially dangerous situation is mentioned, our little cells are getting stressed and easily block off our usual common sense. It is then much less obvious to be able and enjoy the present moment!

These days, I never say “Pay  Attention” nor “Be Safe” these two sentences implying a danger.
I rather say “Be aware” or “Stay Present”.

Roseline Deleu
Feng Shui Master