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Calling upon a Feng Shui consultant is getting help and support to go through life experiences 🙂

From a business point of view: Feng Shui cannot be taken responsible for a bad business plan, challenging personalities who don’t want to change nor for bad attitude towards staff or clients. Feng Shui is there to suggest and prepare the positive changes, welcome Chi flow – up to the clients to follow up and live accordingly.

From a personal, family and relationship point of view: regular Feng Shui changes and support from your consultant – or my blog – guide you to progress and it’s a real boost for so many people  🙂  !

Most of my clients come back for further support and keep in touch for years after my visits, follow me on the blog and on Facebook.

I have heard that some readers may think that Feng Shui consultants have a magic wand – if so, please let me know where they bought it!  😀
Believing in ‘that’ Feng Shui Magic Wand is sadly a trick for some clients to hide behind excuses to avoid changes and remain the way they are.

roseline sticksPlease consider, that when Feng Shui is crossing your life path it is there to help you when you refer to it regularly and you are open to look at yourself and change on daily basis!

Feng Shui Yours, always 🙂 !

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master & Author