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Feng Shui intuitive collage

When you don’t know what to do anymore… when you think that you are stuck in life… it is perfect timing for an intuitive Feng Shui collage! 🙂

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You can do this by yourself or invite some friends over, they’ll bring their own magazines and you’ll mix them all together!

My recipe is simple:

1. – Answer my Feng Shui Life Quiz to determine which area(s) of your life needs a boost ! Email me roseline (at) fengshuisteps.com and ask me for your free copy of my Feng Shui Life Quiz. The 9 areas of my Feng Shui Life Quiz correspond each to a part of your life (just like the Magic Square of Feng Shui).

2. –   Where you scored the weakest points, prepare 5 affirmations for scores below 8 or 10 points. Yes, you may have more than one or two weak scores indeed! – so you may have to write 15 or 20 affirmations depending on what area of your life you decide to activate.
– Write each sentence with the idea of “TO BE” not “to have”, NO negative (so a positive sentence) AND in the present tense.
– Never write anything for others either by the way, this process is for YOU only, respect what others have on their path please.
– For example – for those of you who score low points in sector ‘4’ (Abundance) a good sentence would be “I enjoy spending wisely.” On the other hand “I will have a healthy bank account.” is incorrect because it contains the verb “to have” and it is in the future tense!
For those of you who struggle with their writings, feel free to write under this post and I’ll give you examples for re-wording your affirmations.

3. – Gather about 10 to 12 different magazines and play some nice happy music in the background.

4. – A large sheet of paper A3 or larger

5. – Glue stick and scissors.


6. – You are now ready to start your collage. At the back of your A3 paper, write clearly each of your affirmations (as explained in point #2), date and sign under them as they are actually real promises that you are making to yourself!

7. – Then, read one resolution at the time and pick up one magazine, open it randomly and cut off the picture or a word that jumps at you (yes, the first thing that attracts your eye – NO, you don’t turn the pages, if you don’t find anything on that page, look at the front and back cover of your magazine). Close the magazine and place it back on the table.

8. – Read your second resolution, take another magazine and repeat the process (point #7).  Do this as many times as you need pictures to fill your paper (this means you may repeat reading your resolutions several times).

Feng Shui Steps Ba Gua in colour9. – Then, when you have all those photos or words (this whole magazine cutting process would take maximum 30 minutes – because when you do something intuitively you do NOT read nor look anywhere else in the magazines – you take the photo that is there, on that page that you opened ! 😉  ), glue them all on the other side of your paper according to the magic square of Feng Shui that defines the various areas of your life.

10. Display your collage where you see it daily – many put it near their bed or in their bathroom.

For further Easy Eeng Shui guidance, read my best-selling book “Your First Easy Steps to Feng Shui”

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master & Author

First collages from readers are already coming in to encourage you to do yours!

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