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Yesterday’s post was very popular and many of you wonder now… When can we actually display items by 3?

Magic square in colourLet’s follow common sense: it is good to display ‘3’ for families of 3; for families with 3 children – here you display 2 larger objects and 3 smaller ones for example.

Also ‘3’ is good in the area ‘3’ of the Feng shui grid that corresponds to PAST, HEALTH, FAMILY.

Here is my latest story…
per 3Yesterday, I decided to move something around my home. I change decor on a very regular basis especially (for those who know me well) that I’m not home often! 🙂
I had last year’s beautiful calendar in which I loved a photo of 3 geysers. I cut the photo and blue tagged it on my fridge door located in my sector ‘3’. Under the photo I wrote “I enjoy my perfect health + 🙂 + my signature”

Within the hour, I had a phone call from a good client who needed a little Feng Shui guidance for her business card. We briefly talked on the phone and she was happy with the suggestions. Before I had time to say goodbye, to thank me, she offered me a massage! She was available immediately and me too so I hopped in the car and went. That is a fast result.
I thoroughly enjoyed this special treat!

Any other questions regarding ‘3’?
Please add your comment 🙂 Thank you.

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master & Author