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buddha head wrong placement closeupI recently saw a wrong placement of a Buddha head in a front yard and took a photo to explain this to you.

As you see, the Buddha is not in full body, people choose to place only a head.

Before I explain anything, I’d like to ask yourself “How do I feel seeing a head on its own like that in a bare garden?”

buddha head wrong placement

Moreover, the head is turning its back towards the street, while we would rather prefer that a Buddha welcomes us at home. Turning a back to the street or to an entry means that you can’t see who is coming – you can’t see the dangers either.

From a respect point of view, I would always encourage you to display a Buddha in full body with a full wall behind his back and preferably on a certain height on top of an altar (not on the floor).

For those of you who have a Buddha’s head, place it on the height where a head would normally be.

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master & Author