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When I wrote my RED MAT post a few days ago, I knew that other rewards were about to appear…

Only to say that this morning, when I attended my appointment with a new health practitioner, the red mat stroke again!

Here I was lying on her table, we exchanged a few words till we realised that I was a long time ago her son’s first preschool teacher! Indeed, before living my Feng Shui life full time, a preschooler teacher I was, when I initially migrated to Australia. I couldn’t believe how much she was happy to see me, said the kids were sad when I left school, how parents missed me and how fond memories her son had of his first year with me.
I was gobsmacked.
For a 3 year old then… to still remember me and my name today!

When I booked my next appointment for Thursday, she looked at me closely again – now I have long hair, at that time my hair was very short – and said: “Yes, it is really you Roseline, but today you look 10 years younger than then.”

Back home, I looked in my old photos and compared my looks. Today I have a few grey hair, more wrinkles, a few more kilos but indeed, my whole persona looks younger because my attitude towards life has changed.
We never know how little or how much we bring happiness into people’s lives.

How about your red mat?

Please share your stories, they always encourage others to make their Feng Shui steps.

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master & Author