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Enjoying my Feng Shui life and passion, of course, I always have my camera ready to take shots of good ideas to illustrate Feng Shui examples for you.

industrial look

photo 1

Feng Shui is not limited to homes and offices/restaurants, I am often requested to visit farms, hospitals and… industrial areas to assess and consult on the layouts of warehouses, sheds etc.

These 2 photos show the introduction of warm coloured wall in an industrial area. As soon as painted, it immediately softened the street.

The photo 1 shows you how ‘unfriendly’ it can look with the barb wire and pointy fences keeping you away from the back door. It is deterring, it is a good protection. Definitely wouldn’t recommend this for a front door though!  🙂

With the photo 2 we see that someone added a smiley, and arm on the gas bottles. When driving in that lane, this immediately puts a smile on your face! A welcoming smile like this, even in an industrial area, adds kindness and humour and… can well change the day of those working there!

industrial smile 2

photo 2

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