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AlfrescoA good home layout and design will take into consideration the needs of its occupants. For a family of 5 a house will be very different than for a couple of retirees.

A family with small children will enjoy a safe garden with enough space to play, a large entertaining area for kids parties, alfresco or BBQ; an older couple will probably be happy with a smaller garden easy to maintain with many colourful flowers that bring joy into their lives and a paved area to sit comfortably with their visitors.

outdoor area easy to maintainWhen designing a house for my clients, firstly we visit the block of land and during pre-design conversation I include many questions for example:

– How long are you planning to live here?
– How many people will live in the house and how old are they?
– What are your hobbies, sports and interest?
– How many cars do you use in the family?
After many more questions and listening to their life stories, I start the design process including their needs and wishes combining this with the most beneficial and tasteful Feng Shui.

Nowadays, people tend to move house more often than the previous generations. This is good so people (hopefully) review their possessions and decide before the move what they really want to take into their new homes. Having said that, I sometimes find removal-ists boxes stocked in top shelves in garages that have been moved and moved again for years and that are only collecting dust… bringing stagnation into their life. Hence why I am also the ‘biggest enemy’ of storage places that are good for people moving countries and coming back rather than storing excess of unnecessary possessions.

Did you know that what is stored in boxes for more than 1 year, most of the times you won’t need anymore because your patterns of using what you have in there has changed and you can easily live without it.

Is your home today reflecting the life style that you wish? Does it give you burden or pleasure?

In other words… do you feel happy to be home and if not what can you change?

Two good questions for you right now…
1. Do you think that your house too big?
2. How much do you think you spend per year to keep/store the excess of your material possessions?

We can live in comfort with the essentials; sadly TV, advertising and Egos tend to tell us differently… – Food for thoughts. 🙂 –

I am available for Feng Shui consultations, make-overs, renovations and new designs.
During consultations, I use items and decor that you already own, having taught Feng Shui to interior Designers and Decorators I never use Chinese items. Together with my clients we choose taste & harmony. Clients say that their consultation with me was the best investment they ever made – read more feed back on my website www.fengshuisteps.com.au

Feeling good at home will certainly change your outlook on life.

I travel the world with my consultations and Feng Shui training courses… I am only a flight away! Looking forward to reading from you soon.
Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master, Author and happy human being!