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Many people don’t realise how much their homes and surroundings constantly and subliminaly influence and affect their emotional health. Yes, in this post I am relating to emotional health as this type of health is too often overlooked!

Waking up in peaceful surroundings, in a room tastefully and inspiringly decorated will give you a good start for the day. Contrary, waking up in a neglected and cluttered place will immediately trigger a sensation of burden and a strong message that ‘life is too hard’. These first impressions bring back emotions which start and create your day.

Photo de familleI am often questioned what to do with photos of deceased? Having many all around the home would increase sadness; instead, displaying photos, memorabilia or souvenirs of departed family, friends or pets in sector ‘3’ of the grid that’s where you best honoured them and this will help you with the grieving process. Please keep them out of your bedroom even if this is your sector ‘3’, thank you.

Today, look at your place with ‘new eyes’. What makes you feel happy, what brings you sadness or burden. Do you want to keep those items? What can you change?

Feeling good at home will certainly change your outlook on life.

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Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master, Author and happy human being!