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Books before 1Books after” Dear Roseline, I thought you might like my before and after bookshelf shots!
I originally had my books ordered with science, history, religion at the bottom, philosophy and some more science in the middle, then fiction at the top. Now they are ordered by the way the author placed their writing on the spectrum! It seems so much nicer and the books make more sense side by side. – 🙂 Y.C. Sydney”

The example of this reader reorganising her bookshelf has a good impact on her life, her living room where the bookshelf is located is now more striking and brighter. Y.C. says is it ‘organised in an integrated way’.

Change is movement, is life. When we see always the same, our thoughts remain the same. Move/change/update something around your home weekly.

Happy Feng Shui !

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master & Author