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3 leggered frog“Dear Roseline, I have a question about my 3-leg toad… I am not sure where to place it, it’s challenging because I really like it!
My front door is West with the bathroom door facing it nearly across. My financial situation is unsustainable.
I need you! Thank you – Jane”

Dear Jane,

Thank you for your question, here are a few explanations easy to follow…

In Chinese Feng Shui, the 3-leg toad or frog is usually recommended to attract money. Many rules can be applied for a correct placement, so let’s look at those that would suit you – and many other readers too -:

  1. Place the 3-leg toad:
    – near your front door, then the toad must be looking to the inside of the home (symbolising money entering)
    – in your sector ‘4’ (Abundance), the toad will then be placed in a way that it will be looking at you when you enter that room
  2. In any case, avoid that your toad looks at the toilet/bathroom – then the money would only go ‘down the drains’
  3. Dust it off regularly and why not… talk to it!

For you Jane, I would thus recommend to move your toad to another spot and within the next 9 days you should start to feel a change in your finances.
Looking forward to reading your updated news 🙂

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Suhi Master & Author