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Yes, indeed, that’s a good question! The Feng Shui art of placement can give you a few suggestions 🙂

Apply the Magic Square grid onto your premises and find out where the area corresponding to ‘Friends’ is located. This sector number 6 is usually either on the right hand side of your building in which case you enter into it – or – it is on the right hand side of your main entrance. It can be a room, part of a room or part of a couple of rooms. Just draw the lines onto your home plans without worrying about the walls.

Magic square in colourThis sector ‘6’ is the part of your home that relates to the element of Metal. Which means that for your decor, I would encourage you to choose touches of either grey, silver, gold, copper, or glitter in that room.

Further meaning for this ‘6’ sector is: Friends, Helpers, Clients, Connections, Travels and Movement. Yes this area is indeed very Yang, very active!

To attract new clients, new friends, new connections place a symbol of quantities in that room or on one of its walls.

For example: in your sector ‘6’, display a nice bowl with colourful beads or marbles (= quantities) in which you put your hand daily and mix them with the intent of welcoming new people. Would you ignore or forget about that bowl, it then stays static sadly collecting dust – then it won’t do the job!

Another example: on one of the walls of your ‘6’ area, place a photo or a collage of people walking towards you and see how many people start calling, visiting or connecting with you! It happens fast, you won’t need 9 days to see them appear.

To reconnect with old friends, family or acquaintances (alive or deceased), place a photo of the person next to freshly cut white flowers (symbolising your pure intent) in your sector ‘6’ and you may well hear from them, see them, get an unexpected mail or a phone call within the next few days. Placing the white fresh flower with a peaceful intent is important, this is part of respect. Would you place it with a impure intent, it will have a boomerang effect on you and you don’t really want that!

Now, let’s look into the word ‘Helpers’. It could well have two different meanings: either you are the one helping or you are the one seeking help. In both cases, write your wishes carefully (to help or to being helped) on a nice piece of paper without naming any specific person – that is important! Place that wish list under a round faceted crystal and see what happens.

AltarYou will notice on this colourful Magic Square illustration that your sector ‘6’ includes the idea of ‘Movement’ and ‘Travels’. Movement is life, changes are encouraged – otherwise you feed stagnation and depression. Friends and acquaintances come and go in our lives. We all know the adage “We meet people for a reason, a season or a life time”.

Ready for your next move in life? Take a look at that room occupying sector ‘6’ and de-clutter, change touches of your decor, update photos, get rid of all what you don’t really like anymore.

For those who are ready to travel, display a photo of your favourite destination and you may well be on your way very soon.

Feng Shui helps you to manifest what you wish in life, special experiences, good moments. It is about creating positive emotions TO BE happy not so much TO HAVE money or material possessions. This art of placement is accessible to everyone. I do my best each month to give you some tips and ideas how you can work Feng Shui easily in your home.

I am always happy to read from you, post your comments and question under this post.

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master & Author
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