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I am very proud and happy to start sharing some of the stories of the Feng Shui Practitioners and Consultants who study with me. – Roseline Deleu –

Story from Carole Crumlin, one of Roseline Deleu’s Feng Shui trained and certified Practitioners in Cairns (FNQ) – Australia

“Karla (NSW) told me on the telephone that she had listed her investment property in one of the southern suburbs of Cairns with a Real Estate Agent. She had previously attempted to sell the property for several months with very little interest. She knew that something needed to happen.

She was very interested in Feng Shui and wanted to see if it would help her. Her goal was to sell the property and move on from a previous challenging situation.

I did the initial inspection 8th August 2015. The outside of her property was in good shape as where the surrounding properties in a very nice street. However, the inside of the house was a different matter. As I walked around the rooms I had trouble finding the “flow” in the house.

Walking from room to room I felt a kind of sadness about the property.

curtains BEFORE change –

curtains before change 1

curtains BEFORE change –

I started to notice small things that were contributing to this feeling. There were different styles and colours of curtains in each room. Several door knobs were missing. Broken light fittings, chipped paint on the architrave, badly scratched bathroom mirror. There was a lot of wear and tear on the inside of the house. Repairing and replacing those items would be the simplest way to remedy.

Clearing the space to get rid of the sad feeling was essential too.

I had brought some Essential Lemon oil mixed in a spray bottle with me and I immediately carefully sprayed inside the home to help clear some of the negative energy.   (Essential Lemon oil mix is made from the peel of the lemon and not the fruit as the peel contains the most nutrient).

Broken light fittings BEFORE change –

New curtains and New light fittings AFTER changes -

New curtains and New light fittings AFTER changes –

After a quick chat and report to Karla, she agreed to the repairs and to purchase new curtains. We set a very realistic budget for neutral colour curtains. Feng Shui remedies need not be very expensive.

A week later 11th August 2015, I was delighted to take down all the curtains and straightaway there was a big shift in the energy in the house. I proceeded to replace and hang the new curtains. There was now a flow in the lounge room and into the dining room. The bedroom curtains also neutral were now the same style and would allow for easy future decoration. All the repairs had been completed too. Walking around the inside of the house was so different from my first time. The energy in the house felt lighter.

New Look of the Property after changes -

New Look of the Property AFTER changes –

It wasn’t long after that that Karla listed the property with a Real Estate Agent who specialized in property in the southern suburbs and I am happy to report that the property was sold and finalized 1st October 2015.”

Carole Crumlin
Feng Shui Practitioner FNQ, Australia
Mobile Phone 0417 716 819
Carole Crumlin Facebook Page

READ BELOW – Note from Roseline Deleu

This story reveals that Karla saved lots of money using the Feng Shui services of Carole. Not only Karla didn’t have to travel from NSW to Far North QLD to deal with the situation, she also trusted delegating the work and situation to Carole.
The results were fast indeed and finalised in less than 2 months!
Congratulations Carole! Well done 🙂 – Roseline