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For thousands of years, many cultures used labyrinth to relax. Most of us know a few  famous ones for ex. the one on the floor in Chartres cathedral in France.

Since, many more popped up around the world either paved ones or edges, or blocs or even lavender ones! I recall 15 years ago our trip to Tasmania was visiting labyrinths as many as we could and my young son at the time thoroughly enjoyed this holiday!

Public parks now start more and more building a labyrinth on their lawns. I walked the one in Sydney Centennial Park as illustrated in these photos. I walked it emptying my mind towards the center, then walked it the other way repeating a mantra. How powerful this is!Not all of us have the chance to live near such a labyrinth, alternatively, display the photo of a labyrinth in your home and ‘walk’ it with your finger.

Labyrinth Sydney Centennial Park 2Those who have a large vacant piece of land, look into creating one with local flowers or little bushes.

A labyrinth works on the Feng Shui of your mind, you relax, you let go of your worries, you allow yourself to simply BE.

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master & Author