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Roseline and aboriginal art xsEarly September, I had the fantastic opportunity to be invited and speak for Yes Group Belgium at the Aboriginal Signature Gallery in Brussels. Surrounded by those amazing art works of Central Australia, it was the perfect opportunity to share the approach of what I observed and learned of my life with Aboriginal Australians in the past few years.

The audience was multi-lingual and luckily I could present my talk in English. I started the lecture with a couple of simple questions, knowing that the group is interested in well-being, personal growth and self-reflection. Here is a very brief summary…

– What is the most important for you in your life right now?
The answers varied from money to work, one person even mentioned happiness.
Since everyone has a different view on life and life style, who am I to say there would be a wrong answer?
->  I suggested JOY. An emotion.
I believe that we incarnated in our little body to experience emotions. Each emotion will manifest or express itself in our physical bodies and could turn into ‘butterflies’ in our stomach when we are happy and excited or turn into aches and pain when stressed.
With JOY you may skip some of the aches and pains?… Worth trying!
We are emotions, we become emotions.

– What is your best asset?
Answers were work, career, family and more.
_> I suggested HEALTH… and in synergy with JOY your health will probably be thriving!
We all smiled 🙂

– Who are you?
Many in the audience referred to their names, to their job, to being human…
I shared what I humbly understand today – without asking anyone to believe this but rather to think about it…

“I am an infinite being living infinite lives in infinite dimensions, NOW!” Roseline Deleu

Aboriginal Signature GalleryThe big difference between Aboriginal Australians and the modern world is that they are space based while modern world is time based. Stressed people can’t live in the now, they constantly look at their watch, they have goals or budgets to achieve, deadlines to match.
Indigenous Australians, connect with their environment, with the space. Country is family. Trees, plants, animals, nature too. They connect, they respect. They do their best to cope with the modern world that started being imposed on them about 200 years ago, some communities were still nomads in the 1980’s!

Roseline Deleu aboriginal gallery Brussels xsWhat the modern world doesn’t understand is that indigenous people perceive and live in different realms, other dimensions and that’s one of the reasons why money is not their priority. They are right, we can’t breathe money, we can’t eat coins!
The essential is TO BE not to have. It is to care for country, to hold the land.

Material possessions are only important for the joy they give us. If we can’t carry them freely in a small bag, they are probably a burden. (I am very aware of this and I traveled to Europe for 6 weeks only with 6 kilos in my bag!)

For those who wish to start connecting with this ancient culture and get some insights of who they truly are, I encourage you to display an original and unique piece of Aboriginal Australian Art work in their surroundings. Feel their power. Magic happens.

Food for thought.

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master & Author