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DSC_5563I often experience different techniques especially when I come across interesting and genuine people – Frank Dejoncheere, director of Equi-Life Coaching is one of them!

When Frank enthusiastically shared with me the great results he gets with coaching people through interactions with horses (Equi-coaching), I was interested and booked a session.

Ostriches in GrimbergenArriving at its outdoors location in Grimbergen (Belgium), he walked with me and I discovered: 3 horses each in their paddock, a few ostriches and several white emus safely guarded. I couldn’t help myself to pick up their beautiful feathers on the ground. I thought I could offer them when I go next to Papua New Guinea for their ceremonial outfits.

The horse in the first paddock called me. Frank smiled, he reckons it is the horse with the biggest ego and the hardest to deal with. We walked into his paddock. I discussed with Frank about a little health challenge I am ready to solve that appeared due to unspoken words. On a physical level, this trauma located itself under my chin and sometimes looks like a double chin that interestingly appears on and off depending on my moods, how much water I drink – I am currently monitoring how and when it changes. I decided to energetically place this issue onto the horse to see how I could change this trauma into joy. Here is what happened…

The horse shows you something with his behaviour… he was eating. I cracked out laughing, I had put on a few extra kilos lately and me too, like the horse, seem to be (too) often eating.

When the horse leaves, so does the trauma. Interestingly, the 2 other horses in the other paddocks were in sync and all 3 left at the same time. Interesting. This was the sign for me TO BE and LET GO rather than express what I WANT! I still had to now welcome the transformation that turned into JOY

We were still standing in the paddock with no horse in sight, we then started talking about the colours of my scarf and the gold colours that I was wearing in hat and scarf. I explained what gold meant for me and soon got the strong realisation that my body seeked Gold oligo elements under my tongue. I was in the moment, I was connecting with me, I was living the TO BE.

Wild horses in the Centre of Australia

Wild horses in the Center of Australia – photo Roseline Deleu

When Frank asked me what I saw right there standing in the paddock, I saw fences, limitations… because horses where I usually am in the Centre of Australia are wild horses running free in the large desert areas. I got excited talking about freedom, talked and connected with the elements of Nature and felt my aura changing. Frank stopped me kindly as I was talking about rocks (the Metal element)… my whole body became huge and he wanted to warn me, he had never seen nor experiences such a sight before. When I talked about plants (the Wood element)… my whole body expanded around me and Frank had to take a step back. Tuning into Earth, my body shrank and I felt and looked as little as a dwarf. What I felt was that my body was suddenly wearing clothes that had shrunk in the dryer. I could feel it in my cells too it is an fantastic experience!

We turned to the other side of the paddock and realised that all 3 horses were all out of sight. My trauma was leaving or had left! Now… time to welcome Joy when the horse would come back to me.

Roseline Deleu connecting with horse

Horse named “Terrific” connecting with Roseline Deleu in Grimbergen

A plane was flying above our heads and we noticed a large bird circling a few hundred metres from us. We watched it and as we talked we started walking to the right, the bird changed direction and flew to the right too. We were talking about freedom and being in the flow. We were in the NOW.

We turned again and saw the horse walking towards us. Trauma had transformed, Joy was coming!

Purple cloverAs we walked towards the animal, we stopped at the same moment and looked down in the grass, only to notice half a dozen of little purple coloured clovers lost among the grass. I kneed down and picked up a 2 leave clover. I smiled and said after all the usual good luck for the green ones are 4 leaves, these purple ones must be 2 leaves only, they are different – so are our beliefs in life.

Many signs and lessons appeared for me during this Equi-life Coaching session. One song came into my head as I looked at the clovers: “From little things big things grow” (Paul Kelly, Singer) which is a well known song in Australia relating to Vincent Lingari and aboriginal history of Gurindji people when they went on an 8 year strike to recup their land from the colonialists. All is about the Land, respecting the Land. Here I was, back in Belgium, on the land where I was born, making the connexion with my 18 years of Australian wisdom. Please follow the links at the end of this post.

The horse looked smaller at the end of my session, my emotional baggage had left!

When I connected with the nature elements, my double chin had left.
I was in the Tao, in the NOW, in the flow of life, I was free, I was ONE.

An Equi-life coaching session is not about the horse it is about you. So for those of you who are a little afraid of horses, I haven’t even touched the horse! We simply connected. We were ONE.

I encourage you to book your session with Frank www.coachmij.be sessions are in English, Flemish or French.

LYRICS of the song (incl. story of Aboriginal issues)

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Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master, Visionary and best-selling Author