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A few days ago I posted the initial feedback from Virginia Wells now, 6 months later, this is what she writes…

FEEDBACK 6 months later, Written by Virginia Wells
WellSorted – Professional Organiser

This was the first time I’d really had a good look at what Feng Shui had to offer outside of some basic training and reading. I was surprised to hear about how deep it goes and how it infiltrates each area of your life, not just your home, but we won’t go into that here. I’ll leave that for the Feng Shui experts.

Virginia Wells MirrorI did find the experience refreshing to my home. As an avid organiser and declutterer, I felt that I’d done all I could in my home. This different approach and speciality, helped me see my home with fresh eyes and release a few things that no longer served me. The initial changes my husband and I made in the first few days were freeing, and made my heart lighter. What about 6 months down the track?

I thought it would be worthwhile reflecting and sharing the changes I’ve noted since my initial post. My first impressions are still accurate, but what else has changed, now that time has passed?

The Difficult Decisions – Culling the Collection
One area I needed to work on was decluttering my hanging crystals and stones that I had on display around the house. Most of these were in my living room, my ‘career’ sector. Roseline mentioned that I had too many crystals out.

Virginia crystalsYou can see in this picture that I had a lot out and I also had many hanging in windows or doorways. I’d collected stones since I was about 5 years old.
The idea to break up my collection was never EVER considered in the past!
I looked at them and told myself that I should give it a go. Surely there were some there that I didn’t like anymore. Maybe there were some I could put away in ‘rotation’ so I had less to dust each month too. So I got stuck into it. It was tough.

What has happened since then? Business has been consistent in the client booking department and my general inner feeling of ‘there’s always so much going on’ has dropped. Life just seems clearer.

Removing Forgotten Objects and Guilt
I also took down pictures and removed knick-knacks that gave negative vibes, feelings or memories. This was also interesting and somewhat difficult. The thing I observed most here is that I’d come to a point where I ignored the stuff I really disliked and forgot that they were there (coping mechanism perhaps?)

Virginia Wells CupLetting go of other things felt a little uncomfortable as I worried what others would say if they found out I parted with the things they’d given me. The guilt. Once we’d undergone the task however, it left me with a sense of comfort in the home. Also, a subtle move of one particular statue has led to relationship improvements with the person who gave it to me.

Opening Spaces
Our entryway to our house was hidden with bushy trees that covered the front of our home. We had a group of empty pots and a few statues about the place that were on their last legs. Attention to this area was definitely lacking, so the tree trimming and entry way cleaning has led to a general feeling of openness and comfort when coming home.

Similar things were experienced when we took on the advice to change our living room around. It seemed a bit unwelcoming with our couch blocking easy access into the house. The focus was on the TV, and as mentioned it was overrun by crystals. So moving the furniture around created space which was really refreshing. It has also lead to more visitors, socialising and relaxing. No complaints there.

Coincidence? Who Cares? Embrace the Positive Effects.
Thus far we’ve made subtle improvements to our home as we haven’t been able to afford some of the bigger suggestions. I do wonder how much things would have changed if we’d been able to do some of the bigger changes.

Some may say the changes I’ve noted are just a coincidence. Others will believe. I guess there’s no real way of knowing. All I can say with certainty is that

  • I’m happier with the way our home looks
  • I’m more comfortable in my own home
  • I’ve removed negative energy from our space which makes the space (and me) feel more comfortable and relaxed

Best of all we have future plans that will improve the energy flow, feel and positivity in our home. This is the sort of thing I like to focus on and coach my clients on to get their home or office organised and decluttered. I love that Feng Shui and Organising has a synergy with space, the way we use it, and what we choose to have in it. I like that Feng Shui isn’t afraid to have you look at how this stuff is affecting your physical Virginia Wenergy, your relationships, your career and health. I like to do this in my work, sometimes in a more subtle way. None of us are immune to ‘stuff’ and its effects on us. It helped me remember that we all have a choice with each and every item we own. Review them all.

What are you doing to create positive influence in your space?

Virginia Wells  WellSorted – Professional Organiser

Feng SHui Master Roseline DeleuThis is a great story that will encourage you too to get you “well sorted” and Feng Shui-ed soon. Looking forward to reading from you soon.

Roseline Deleu – interantional Feng Shui Master & Author
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