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Chi flow in a busy place often needs and turns into Sha Chi (fast).
At the ever growing and changing Dubai airport, passengers move fast from check-in, gates, flights and connecting flights. Then, the waiting time is long enough, it is spent in Dubai Airport numerous duty free shops.

From a Feng Shui point of view, architects and designers have cleverly considered two essential points:
1) the fast pace for passengers
2) the slow and browsing time they will spend in the shops spending as much money as possible – yes, that’s the idea of the numerous duty free shops and most of get very tempted.

Dubai airport feng shuiPhoto 1 – Large lifts and escalators move towards other floors, gates and terminals

Note in photo 1, the strong presence of the element of Metal clearly represented here with shining structures, we can ‘feel’ the fast pace of Sha Chi.

Pink flowers Dubai airportPhoto 2 – When we look closer, behind the metallic structure, we notice a large wall of waterfall and pink flowers.

The sound of water has a calming effect in this hectic environment and the astute pink colour brings a little touch of well needed impression of ‘Love’.

Feng Shui ColumnsPhoto 3 – Columns in disguise

Dubai airport is counts amazingly huge buildings and the columns have tastefully been disguised with small linear mirrors deflecting Chi in a meandering flow. Those mirrored columns also encourage light in the whole building. You will also notice that the floor tiles are shining and the way they were cleverly laid are in a meandering movement. These ’tiled’ paths lead passengers softly towards the duty free shops where they will automatically slow down and browse.

Feng Shui mirrorsPhoto 4 – Details how Chi is deflected with mirrors and shining structures

May these illustrated examples inspire you to design your industrial and commercial premises. Photos and explanations in this post may even give you some ideas for your decor at home.

Feng Shui Yours,

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master