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Last night with some friends we celebrated the full moon with a themed ritual “Breaking the Cycle”.
Sitting in circle all together, each expressed a facet of what most of us wanted to shift.

We then each verbalised and wrote a list of what cycles we wanted to break starting the sentence with powerful words:
” I get rid of + … (add here the cycle to break)”.
Then, since we are all aware that when we ’empty something’, it often comes back unless we replace it with something else, we had to quickly think of what we were going to replace it with.
So the very next sentence was: “I replace this with +… (add here the opposite of what you got rid of).

For example:
“From now on I get rid of fear and I replace this with I am courageous and excited”.

We smoked each person safely with a appropriate protection and local smudge stick and finally we burnt in the full moon that long list of what was holding us back.

– Would you like to do this ritual, please proceed responsibly, use fire and smudge sticks with caution as we take no responsibility for any of your actions. You add “I stop blaming others for what happens to me” and I replace this by “I live and act responsibly”. –

Breaking cyclesThis morning, I got up and felt the urge to start my day vacuuming and cleaning my floors frantically. I laughed when I was on my knees cleaning my recycled plastic reversible rug with a soft humid cloth!
Woaw! After all one of the sentence of a participant was “I stop procrastinating” and I replace this with “I move forward with confidence”.
From my Feng Shui point of view, cleaning the floors is lighting our Life Path… this was my impulsive first task this morning before starting any other work. After washing the reversible rug thoroughly and turned it the other way around. This will constantly remind me of this full moon ritual when we broke all those cycles.

Rituals are powerful in your life.
Be aware and stay safe.

As I was putting this post up on my blog, I received an SMS from one of the ladies:

” Dear Roseline, I can’t thank you enough. Came home last night feeling lighter and full of energy. Just as you said, I also had the best sleep. It’s amazing how quickly the universe responds when you put your intentions out there. – D.

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master & Author