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Roseline Deleu UluruAs most of you already know, I am for the moment in remote areas pursuing my researches on impact of homes and environments on people’s emotional and physical health.

I recently read an interesting passage of the book “Voices of the First Day”Awakening in the Aboriginal Dreamtime by Robert Lawlor ISBN 0-89281-355-5 who relates this story that hopefully will appeal to many of you.

An Aboriginal friend got this point across to me while we were walking in down a corridor in a particularly grim Australian government building – one that reeked of bureaucratic sterility.

treeAs we entered an office my friend said, “Think for a moment, what are you opening?”
“A Door”, I said, and he chuckled. Then he said, “What’s in your hand?”
“Just this bunch of papers,” I said.
“No” he said, “those things are trees. Trees that lived and grew, each with its own particular place on earth. Now they are flat; they have no space and no life. You took the trees away from the place on earth where they lived, but in return the trees have locked you up in little compartments of time, where you sit and tremble with fear for survival and mistake that trembling for the pulse of life itself.
White man’s system will be enclosed in the realm of the dead as long as you do not feel the difference between a door, which means survival, and a tree, which means life”.

From now on, you’ll never look at doors nor papers the same way again!

Grasp the concept of the Oneness and be happy.

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master & Author