Feng Shui Steps

I’m sure you’ll get this one…
The blue Bicycle has square wheels that are hardly leading you anywhere = the Guilt & the Blame.
The pink unicycle is hands FREE and with a good balance, you go everywhere you want!

Ego vs SoulStep 1—Stop the Guilt & Blame Game (= the blue bicycle)
Listen to the words you use on a daily basis.
Change and adapt the wording of your sentences according to your personal truth.
For example—Don’t say : “Oh, I am so stupid, I forgot again”
Say instead: “I am getting better at remembering” AND smile – the humour will uplift the stress that you would have put on the initial blame.
Change “I can’t afford” into “I choose to spend my money differently”

Step 2—Be in Gratitude (= the pink unicycle)
As often as possible be happy with what is happening in your life. How can you do…

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