Roseline Deleu was interviewed on this topic by the lovely Tina Higgins 6DBY radio WA-Australia, December 2012 – ever since, Roseline presents this popular topic during her lectures worldwide and on P&O cruises.

the 3 words that changed my life - roseline deleuReplace BUT & IF
Change BUT and replace it by AND.
BUT automatically deletes and erases the part of the sentence that you just said.
AND will be followed by steps to suggestions or solutions towards a positive outcome.

Change IF and replace it by WHEN.
IF creates immediately a doubt on what you just said.
WHEN gives a subtle strength on what you just said will happen!

IF and BUT both hold you back while WHEN and AND allow situations to unfold!

TO TRY: the verb to ban!
The verb TO TRY does not exist, so skip it from your vocabulary. When people use often ‘trying’ they doubt and they unconsciously are fooling themselves.
“Just do it!”
I know very well that many of you will now hear how many times people use ‘try’ – it is going to nag you… 😀

Have fun and let me know how well you are all going with your new shifts.Roseline Deleu on stage

1. Become aware of the words you use on a daily basis.
2. Keep hearing those you wish to change and each time re-word your sentences.

All the best!

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master, Consultant & Author

Feng Shui Steps

I’m sure you’ll get this one…
The blue Bicycle has square wheels that are hardly leading you anywhere = the Guilt & the Blame.
The pink unicycle is hands FREE and with a good balance, you go everywhere you want!

Ego vs SoulStep 1—Stop the Guilt & Blame Game (= the blue bicycle)
Listen to the words you use on a daily basis.
Change and adapt the wording of your sentences according to your personal truth.
For example—Don’t say : “Oh, I am so stupid, I forgot again”
Say instead: “I am getting better at remembering” AND smile – the humour will uplift the stress that you would have put on the initial blame.
Change “I can’t afford” into “I choose to spend my money differently”

Step 2—Be in Gratitude (= the pink unicycle)
As often as possible be happy with what is happening in your life. How can you do…

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