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I‘m probably the worst enemy of Storage Places and the best Friend of Artists…

How much do you pay each year to store your material possessions?
Downsizing frees you.
The best option to feel free is to discard what you don’t really need which can be challenging sometimes… Many of you won’t be able to depart of souvenirs, furniture, books… that accumulate in boxes and that end up taking a lot of space and find a comfortable forgotten spot in a storage unit. It is only when you add the yearly cost that you wonder if really you need to keep all that.

To guide you downsizing and de-cluttering, we are going to have a look at what surrounds you and how subtly – the presence of certain objects, photos or art work – influence your daily thoughts and life.

Roseline BBBaby photos – Your teenagers are rebellious ? Avoid displaying their baby pictures as you will always consider them as ‘your babies’. Placing their baby photos in an album and replacing photos on display with current photos how your teens are and look today. This will definitely acknowledge who they are today and your home can well become more peaceful. – see photo # 1

Photo 1 – Preferably display current photos of people – AVOID their baby photos!

us_threePhotos of People – Display only photos of people that you still count amongst nice family members and good friends. You have a photo of 3 friends but there is one in the photo that you had an argument years ago? Change the photo and update it with the two others.

Photo # 2 – Display photo of multiple friends only that you currently still count amongst your friends!

Photos of you – recent photo please of you smiling and happy. There is no point of displaying a photo of you when you went through a challenging time as this photo is charged with those memories. Avoid photos where you are turning your back unless you are ready to indeed turn your back to a situation in your life and want to move forward towards other horizons! Place then that photo near your front door – see photo # 3

- Roseline Deleu - Looking ahead, new horizons in Life

Photo #3 – Display photo where we see your back ONLY when you want to turn your back on a situation and you are ready to move forward. Place it then next to your front door.

Photos of your couple – A lovely photo of your couple will decorate your home. Photos with the ocean, lake, rivers or other large water element are NOT to be displayed in your master bedroom as water can bring a lack of stability in the couple. A photo with a mountain or a wall behind your back will show support.

sPicture 248Objects and Souvenirs – Keep only those that are filled with good memories. For those who travel a lot and buy souvenirs in each country visited, gather them by continent in one room. Having different cultures in the same room can have some energies conflicting. For example, placing a Papua New Guinean mask in the same room than a Chinese Dragon will definitely bring trouble in your household!

Photo #4 – A Chinese Dragon in a single woman’s home is keeping men away.
Dragon in the home of a couple can protect their relationship.

Roseline Deleu
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