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AbundanceMany years ago already, in the middle of the night, I woke up hearing a voice into my left ear. There was no-one around and those loud words resonated in my head… “Material possessions are only important for the Joy they give you!”

These words are still stuck and today, they are part of my daily my thinking process. I repeat this sentence very often, especially to those living with the mindset of lack. Those who think they can’t afford. Those who hesitate to offer themselves quality and special time.

People wouldn’t call me rich, I call myself abundant. I am creative and find ways to bring my dreams to live. I give a lot of my love, compassion, of my time, my articles, my suggestions and the universe always give me more back.

I live to be, not to have. I am free. Are you?

Last week, I received an email of a very dear friend of mine. She was grieving. I asked her permission to share her thoughts with you. After reading her words, you might re-assess your views on Abundance and have another look at the Feng Shui of your place of your body, of your life. Opt for harmonious environment surrounded with quality and tasteful minimal belongings. Spend some time pampering your body, meditate, join a gong healing session, choose quality time in nature.

“Dear Roseline,

I have been a little distracted because a close friend died of cancer ten days ago, and I went down to Melbourne to the funeral. She was younger than me and so I have found myself contemplating life and what I want to do next.

It seems many people are thinking about their lives and their journey. When my friend died, I went around to her unit and found it cluttered and packed with all kinds of “stuff” gathering dust and well worn. She refused to let the unit go, and although living in her sister’s home, continued to pay the rent on it for eighteen months, whilst it sat unused, dusty, dirty and cluttered. 

When I suggested she would have more money to spend on getting her hair and nails done, as well as nice new clothes she wanted to then put all the old and tatty furniture into storage, which would have cost the same… so it never got done, she never pampered herself and now her sisters chucked everything into a huge skip-bin and sent it all off to the tip! (Even the Salvos would not take the furniture because it was too faded and tatty!!!)

It made me, and other mutual friends, really think about our lives and how short they can be. Had my friend released her hold on the unit she would have had enough money to take a trip during her final few months.
So now a bunch of us are planning a trip up to Cairns to trek the Daintree forest together in her honour…. and to honour ourselves …

That is why I like your Feng Shui Steps blog posts and your articles. Your philosophy embrace life in the “now” and make everything an adventure. So often “material stuff” owns us… rather than the other way around; and I think that is how my friend saw her objects.

I flew back home and started to do a huge spring-clean… lots and lots of “stuff” has gone to the Op-shop and even more into the bin!!! Now my place looks bigger, is easier to keep clean and I feel lighter and brighter!!! – L.C. Qld, Australia” 

- Roseline Deleu - Looking ahead, new horizons in Life
– Roseline Deleu – Looking ahead, new horizons in Life –

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