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Feng Shui Tips to support your New Year Resolutions – Roseline Deleu

It’s still time to look into the New Year resolutions that you promised yourself earlier this month. How are they evolving so far?

Your thoughts are alive, you could even say that they are carrying a consciousness, an energy influencing your day, your outlook on situations and, yes, what you think changes your life.

  1. Past Resolutions
    What happened to the good intents of the past years?
    Are you in that new job?
    Have you lost that weight?
    Do you drink less alcohol?
    Have these resolutions failed and why?

This year again, you wish to find that magic wand that will make your dreams come true.
Here are a few Feng Shui tips to support your decisions and anchor the energy of your intents around you.

Instead of finding excuses for not going ahead with your resolutions, what you will display around your home will remind your subconscious to hang in there.

Be true to yourself, no-one can side track you when you stay focused.

  1. This Year Resolutions
    a) write down 3 resolutions about you (and you only because you can’t decide for anyone else)
    b) write them positively in the present tense
    c) follow 3 steps as illustrated in the following examples

3 EASY Feng ShuiSTEPS to follow
1.Write your intention with the idea of ‘to BE’
2. Anchor it into a collage and place this collage in view
3. Put your intent into action


Avoid : “I lose weight” (wrong: because when you lose something you always look for it).
Good sentence : “I reshape my body to a size 12”
Feng Shui Tip: create a little collage cutting the body you’d like in a magazine and add your face to it. Put it on your fridge door.
Activate your intention: Exercise every day even if it is for 10 minutes only, the importance is to get into a routine.

Encourage Healthy ChiAvoid : “I’m trying to give up smoking” (wrong: because you can’t try, you either do or don’t)
Good sentence : “I breathe fresh air”
Feng Shui Tip: put a photo of you in the rainforest surrounded by lush green plants – or – create a little collage using a photo or view from a magazine and add yourself into it. Stick it on your cigarette pack instead of the health warning photo. Change this photo/collage for each pack of cigarette that you start so you reaffirm each time your intent to give up and breathe healthy air.
Activate your intention: Each morning as you wake up, go outside, look at nature and breath in and out slowly focusing on the air getting in and out of your lungs. After 10 minutes, start your daily activities.

Avoid : “I have a good relationship with John” (wrong: you are using to HAVE here instead of the idea of to BE – also, when you put someone else’s name it is not right).
Good sentence : “I enjoy a loving relationship”
Feng Shui Tip: cut a photo out of a magazine of a loving couple – what is important though is that this couple cannot be have water in their back, no river flowing, no ocean either). Blue tag it on your bathroom mirror.
Activate your intention: Each time you go to your bathroom, remember the qualities that you offer into a relationship. Would you feel ‘not good enough’ then it is time to look at yourself in the mirror and have a good discussion with yourself and change into the person you aim to be.

Feng SHui Master Roseline DeleuLive your truth and have a fantastic year in 2015.

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master