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An attractive cover that hides much more than a book for young children of the 21st century!
Its more important message is that crystals are not just pretty things to be chosen and then forgotten about. They are much more than this.

From the time the children display their first reaction or show an interest in crystals to when they are older and can read to follow suggestions and activities for themselves. The initial ‘show and tell’ of the parents is followed by them reading brief explanations of how crystal energies and our own interact. Children are asked to look at why and how they decide a particular crystal is one for them.

Information and ideas offered in this book are meant to lead the child to develop their inquiring and creative nature. Included are games to play that develop memory and perceptual skills. Short meditations are included to bring healing, develop visualization , focus and concentration.

This crystal guide with pictures and information about 30 crystals. The chosen crystals are reasonably easy to find and all suitable for children to work with.

“Rainbow Crystals for Children” by Janette (Jan) Corrin will provide many hours of interest, learning and fun… for the whole family!

Purchase your copy through Balboa Press

P.S. I’m reading Jan’s book for the moment and I thoroughly love it!
Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master & Author