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For those of you who have been feeling a bit frustrated lately, it’s the effects of Mercury, the planet, retrograding for the moment. REtrograding means that you will be RE-do, RE-view, RE-start, RE-invent, RE-evaluate, RE-consider etc. all those verbs and situations in your life starting with ‘RE’.

When Mercury retrogrades it is not a good tie to sign contracts nor start new ventures, they will be delayed or won’t be as successful as they could be at other times.

During this retrograde period of Mercury, it’s that time when mobile phones are playing tricks, sending texts to the wrong people, not receiving messages, not working as they should be. Avoid purchasing new electric or electronic items, wait till the end of this month.

Patience, Mercury goes forward again after the 26 October 2014 then all will flow again fast and smooth.

I’m sure we will all feel the difference.

Time to RE-flect

Time to RE-flect –

In the meantime. RE-view your priorities in life and all will be well.

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master & Author