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Watch out – NOT everything labelled ‘Feng Shui’ is good Feng Shui!

hanging pointy crystal is dangerous

WARNING – hanging pointy crystal is dangerous! –

The first example that I recall is till in my mind today. It happened when I attended my initial first Feng Shui course… the teacher at the time told one of the student to hang a faceted Feng Shui crystal in her entrance because the stair case was directly opposite to the main entry door and the Chi was rushing upstairs.
One week later, that student came back to the course very worried: three major things broke: the windscreen of her car got chipped, she broke one of her front teeth and twisted her ankle!

The problem is that she bought a POINTY faceted crystal labelled ‘Feng Shui’ in the shop. The wrong part of it is that a POINTY crystal is NEVER good Feng Shui as it sharpens the energies in the place! This can be VERY dangerous.

NEVER hang a pointy crystal !

NEVER hang a pointy crystal !

Within the week of hanging this faceted pointy crystal between her entry and her staircase, she encouraged sharp energies and 3 things broke down. After the second Feng Shui lesson, she threw it away immediately and replaced it with a ROUND faceted crystal and everything settled down for the better.

For the past 20+ years I have constantly encountered people who had life problems due to pointy crystals so please, avoid displaying them around you! Pointy crystals should NEVER been labelled Feng Shui, this is wrong! Only display round, oval or octagon faceted crystals, thank you!

ONLY use round, oval or octagon faceted crystals to enhance Chi around you!

ONLY use round, oval or octagon faceted crystals to enhance Chi around you!

Think common sense Feng Shui, is it vital!

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master &Author