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I follow up to my previous article on Feng Shui Consumerism  https://fengshuisteps.wordpress.com/2014/08/16/feng-shui-and-consumerism/
and thought I’d share with you an ‘organic’ and ‘recyclable’ suggestion…

Think NATURAL, think ORGANIC instead of plastic!

Too many fantasy (cheap) jewelry these days come from China.  Yes, they are cheap and women buy plenty; unfortunately then miss an important point: they have no class ! Wearing them and you all look alike. Storing them on your bedside tables… and they collect dust because after all, you often only wear one or two and forget about the others.

Aboriginal australian braceletsI recently discovered gorgeous natural and organic ‘jewelry’ made of dried fruits or beads/grains. Each is a real piece of art made with patience and energetically charged with fun, love and care. They are made by our lovely Traditional Owners here in Australia. I dare name them Feng Shui Jewelry because each is carrying the energy of this country, their Land – and it is powerful. This jewelry is perfect like Mother Nature is.
It is Art in all its Beauty and reflect the purity and kindness of each artist.

Wearing them and you will travel to this part of the world that many of you always dreamed of.Bijoux Feng Shui aborigenes d'australieDocker RiverWould you wish to indulge and offer yourself one of these to be wearing something unusual and powerful? Here is the link from the artists direct to the consumers http://www.waltja.org.au/art-for-sale/necklacesbracelets/

Many other hand made articles are for sale on this website such as cups, music sticks, wooden sculptures, diaries covers etc. I let you discover all this.

Always and only wear clothes and jewelry that make you feel happy and strong and your days will be filled with Joy.

Happy Feng Shui 🙂

Roseline Deleu
Feng Shui Master & Author