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You spend a third of your life in bed… A quality sleep in the best possible environment is essential for a life filled with health, love and happiness.

The bedroom is here we relax, rest, regain our strength and intimately share our love with our partner. The position of the bed is important because we unconsciously and constantly scan what surrounds us. This has an amazing impact of our days and night and therefore on our lives.

The ideal building components of your ‘sanctuary for good health’ consists of natural timber, earth and/or stone walls and floors, natural cork, wool/cotton rugs and other natural fabrics, natural paint and/or varnishes, a radiant heat source and plenty of fresh air and ventilation!

Feng Shui Master BedroomFig 1 – Ideal Feng Shui layout for your Master Bedroom

a) For the couple’s bedroom, use equal distances on both sides of the bad to give the partners the same chances in life
b) Keep your bed away from any ‘poison arrows’ such as protruding corners or apparent beams
c) The occupants should have the widest view and should be able to see the bedroom door without having their feet directly in line with the door
d) Place the bed away from any radiation or sources of electromagnetic fields
e) Open your window to replace stale old air with fresh clean air
f) Avoid having your bed head under a window; if no other possibility, have a solid bed head and move your bed one meter away from the window.
Your master bedroom is your Love Sanctuary !

Feng Shui Tips for the Master Bedroom

– Colour code your wardrobe. You will see how much harmony you will bring into the start of your day
– Keep your bedroom clean and uncluttered
– Every season go through your wardrobe and clear out all the clothes that are out of style, too big or too small and give them to charity or put them on E-Bay
– For those in a relationship, place a photo of yourselves enjoying a happy moment or at a special occasion in your life. Please no water (sea, ocean, lake) in that picture/photo as that symbol of water in a bedroom could bring a lack of stability in the couple
– For those single, frae a nice photo of yourself when you are at your best. Look good, feel good; that is what you will create for yourself
– Open your window at night (even a little bit only will help). This is the cheapest way to get fresh air into the room. Some homes become full of stale and dead air especially during winter as heating drives out of consumes the oxygen. good ventilation is essential.

Feng Shui wardrobeFig 2 – De-clutter your wardrobe and get rid of anything you haven’t worn for the last year.

Feng Shui Grand Master Roseline Deleu


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