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The kitchen contains the most ‘Fire’ element around the house; it is where you prepare and cook meals. The kitchen is also the symbol of health so the position of appliances is important.

Traditional Feng Shui experts pay most attention to the location of the stove being in the ‘power position’ – which means facing the entering Chi. The chef should never be cooking turning his/her back to the Chi or the residents ‘health, wealth and personal relations could suffer.

In this regards, we have 2 different cycles:

1. The logic cycle – Food feeds a person’s health and effectiveness. So the better the food, the more capable the person and the larger his/her potential income… which in turn could well be improving the quality of his/her food.

2. The depressing cycle – The poorer the person, the words the food (generally), so he/she will get into that spiral downhill.

The ideal kitchen is spacious, brightly lit and well ventilated. A stove cramped in a corner will inhibit the cook’s movements and block Chi flow. The stove symbolises the home’s finances. It should be clean and work smoothly (so please check that all burners are in working order). The amount of use of burners can influence the prosperity of the family; the more burners the ore income. When burners are not used, the family is missing out of opportunities and may not prosper as well as they would like.

Feng Shui KitchenFig 1 – Feng Shui layout for your kitchen

a) Clearing clutter everyday is important. Put away any dishes and items that are not used daily
b) A stainless steel or glass splash back can be used to reflect the entering Chi if the stove is not in the power position (as illustrated on Fig 1). Stainless steel appliances could be used to create the same effect.
c) Make sure that all burners are in working order
d) Please leave fridge uncluttered, un-necessary magnets and bills won’t make your day!
e) Keep the work area clean and empty when not in use. The more things are stored away in cupboards, the better Chi will flow.

Enjoying cooking in a happy kitchen puts happiness into your food = Happy family!

NO-NOs for the Kitchen

– Decorating your kitchen or an overhead beam with hanging pots, utensils or empty baskets is not a good idea because they are usually are stagnant and collect dust. They are also considered inauspicious as they create lots of poison arrows and give the impression of a cluttered place.
– Put your knives out of sight as they encourage quarrels in the family.
– Hanging dried flowers or garlic strings = dead plants that would send too much Yin energy; store them instead in cupboards if needed.

GOOD ideas for the Kitchen

– Keeping a well stored refrigerator and pantry symbolises abundance as does a bowl of fresh fruit or vegetables on the kitchen table.
– be happy cooking in your kitchen; please avoid listening or watching the news (they are usually bad news anyway) , avoid depressing pictures, unpaid bills on the fridge door or photos of people or animals who passed away.
– Play harmonious and happy music while cooking so you put good energy into your food too.

Feng Shui Grand Master Roseline Deleu

Feng Shui Yours,
Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master, Author & Trainer
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