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The lounge room is often the first room that you can see when entering therefore its furniture placement is essential. Comfort and hospitality will see cosy cushions and the largest sofa welcoming the guests.

Ideally the living room is where you meet and greet visitors It is where you display your art collections and precious decorations. Be aware that whatever you choose gives clues to visitors about your personality. It might be a good idea to avoid displaying your books in that room as they often reveal who you are. Let people discover you instead! Store books inside cupboards or in your study.

Being in harmony with your space makes your life so much easier, everything flows effortlessly.
A happy home = a happy and successful family.

Step 1 – De-clutter
Step 2 – Look that the placement of furniture and decor are welcoming = good Chi flow
Step 3 – When points 1 and 2 are fulfilled you can then add a Feng Shui cure (also called Chi enhancer) for example: a bunch of fresh flowers OR a symbol of what you wish to achieve in your life OR a wind chime OR a faceted crystal ball OR a whirligig.

Feng Shui Lounge roomFig 1 – Ideal layout for your lounge room

a) An original piece of art is ideal as a focal point of the room
b) Rounded and padded chairs will soften a square room
c) Keep this room ‘free’ from excess of furniture
d) Store the television away from sight as you enter

General Feng Shui tips for the Lounge Room

Whether your lounge area is a formal room or a family gathering area, preferably follow those tips:

– Ask yourself what is the focal point in the room. ice seating or a piece of art is ideal. Avoid having the television as the first thing you see when people enter the room.
– Avoid positioning the seats under an apparent beam. Anyone sitting there may get a headache or feel upset with no apparent reason.
– Encourage fresh flowers, they refresh the energy. Sadly, dried flowers hold stagnation and are best avoided.
– the lounge room would have the best and most attractive view and the sunniest aspect.
– A seating arrangement representing the octagon will create a strong Chi vortex that will enhance your life
– Avoid guns, swords and weapons in view as they generate negative energy. Place them instead inside cupboards so they don’t create quarrels.
– Use your imagination to harmonise the 5 elements
– Yin energy will be achieved with rugs or carpet; Yang with tiles or floorboards.

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