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Follow the prompts for the best possible Feng Shui in your DINING ROOM…

Feng Shui - Dining Room

Explanations of Fig 1
a) A fresh fruit bowl reflecting in a mirror can boost prosperity
b) Create an intimate and welcoming ambience by placing lit candles on the table or sideboard
c) Oblong , round or square tables with soft corners are best. Long narrow tables are not recommended. Avoid seating guests at the corners as they act as poison arrows.
d) Seat diners with their backs to a solid structure like upholstered seats or wall or heavy buffet.
e) Six or eight are ideal numbers of chairs around a table.
f) The table should be in a well defined space so Chi can flow all around it.

Dining table cornered

Fig 2 – AVOID a table pushed against a wall !

General Feng Shui tips for the Dining Room

Whether your dining area is a formal room or is simply a table in your family room or kitchen, the following applies equally:
– If you choose to stick your dining table against a wall, Chi cannot flow there. You will project the same problem in the area of your life. For example, if your table is stuck in your wealth area, money will not flow easily to you.
– The dining room should not be too close to the entrance or guests will eat and run. If so, screen it from the initial view of those entering with a partition or beaded curtains. Even a round faceted crystal can serve as a symbolic screen.
– You can use small typical Chinese Feng Shui statues. Fu, Lu and Sau are the three gods of health, happiness and prosperity. Just make sure when diners are seated, the statues are slightly higher.
– One mirror is fine as it doubles the food, symbolically doubling the abundance. Two mirrors facing each other is inappropriate in a dining room as it creates a busy and sharp atmosphere.
– If your table is underneath an apparent beam cutting the table, people might argue or feel separate.
– It is auspicious to match your china and never use cracked or chipped plates or glasses.

Fu Lu Sau

Fig 3 – Fu, Lu, Sau are the 3 gods of Health, happiness and Prosperity.

Feng Shui Yours,
Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master, Author & Trainer
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