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Easy Feng Shui Steps - Cartoon illustrated book by Roseline DeleuFeng Shui starts with common sense – environment has an important impact on us!
Let’s have a look around how you live.

Today, I share with you illustrations of my “Easy Steps to Feng Shui” guide available for purchase on www.fengshuisteps.com and summarised in a small free lesson on YouTube on this link http://youtu.be/Gk6XP5JVELA

Electricity = Tension & Stress

Our bedroom is our Sanctuary, it is where we rest, sleep and recover.
– Avoid too many electrical appliances as illustrated in Fig 1 as they are zapping EMFs (Electro Magnetic Fields) you while in bed.
– Move liquid crystal alarm clock (red or grey numbers on a screen) and your mobile phone to your en-suite or as far as possible from your sleeping area at least 3 metres!
– A computer is best in a study or rumpus room . You only have one room and need to live with your electronic devices in the bedroom? Please shut them down totally before going to bed and unplug the cords from the wall.

Bedroom EMF dangers

Fig 1 – DANGER  – How can you rest in an EMF environment? Please UNPLUG electric devices!

Fig 2 – DANGER – Often we forget to check what is behind our head! Please move your bed away from dangers on the other side of the wall for ex. Electric meter box, Fridge, Television, Hot Water system etc.

Constant exposure to EMF often leads to health issues to name only a few: headaches, brain tumours, lack of sleep, glandular fever, lack of focus and concentration, poor study.

matrass inner spring EMF

Fig 3 – DANGER When really needed, warm up your bed with an electric blanket, then before you go to bed, PLEASE switch it off AND unplug it otherwise you are sleeping on electricity all night. I opt for the good old water bottle that I kick overnight 🙂

Feng Shui Yours,
Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master, Author & Trainer
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