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yin yang symbol applied to magic squareSome people naively believe that one visit of a Feng Shui consultant is enough to have their life sorted.
It certainly starts the process and can bring amazing changes.
More importantly is is essential to understand that after your consultant visit, it is your role to keep that flow in harmony!

– Keep reviewing your place with ‘Feng Shui’ eyes
– Manage your de-cluttering
– Look for broken items and repair them

My best advice: change something in your home weekly!

For example:
– one week, change the colour of your cushion covers,
– another week, move your photo frames around,
– the third week rearrange inside a cupboard,
– the 4th week go through that huge pile of paper work that you keep pushing away
– 5th week, clear all your crystals,

Best Feng Shui Master of 2013Enjoy your Feng Shui changes and your life will evolve.
Best regards,

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master & best-selling Author