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Full moon period is the ideal time for energy clearing.

Rather than purchasing a smudge stick online or in a shop, I’d like you to consider making your own!

Why ? – Using your local herbs and plants is much more powerful to clear your aura and your home and adding your intent of respect is essential.

How to process?

  1. Look in your garden or nearby park for trees, bushes or plants having antiseptic properties (Eucalyptus, Pine, Tea Tree, Lavender, etc…)
  2. Ask permission to the plants to cut a few branches and explain what you are about to do with them. To many readers, this might seem strange to ‘ask permission to plants’ – to me, plants are alive and are happy to participate to what you are planning as long as they are respectfully involved. Ask yourself… How would you feel if someone comes and cuts your hair without warning, simply because you have long hair and this could make a wig for someone else? Same idea isn’t it.
  3. Cut branches to your preferred dimension
  4. Tie them with cotton leaving a little bit of space for air to flow between the branches/leaves, once lit, blow the flames out leaving smoke only. Let the stick dry for a few days or weeks depends on your local climate.

Smudge safely and with care!

Playing with fire always request common sense and care. Look around you, watch for kids and people and also at the environment where you will proceed with the cleansing and do so safely.

Ask your angels, guides, ancestors (or who you believe in) to accompany you and protect you during this ritual.

For body as well as for homes, the movement of the smoke FIRST goes anti-clockwise to clear and release the energies; then let the wind take away the negative energies that you just released. After a few moments, process then in a clockwise movement to protect body or/and building.

MYO Smudge stick wBefore this full moon, I made my own and let them dry. I put cypress, lavender, rosemary and eucalyptus together as they were in my neighbourhood.

Last night in the full moon, I cleansed my aura. I slept very well and today, I feel great! Thank you dear local flora 🙂

I live in a quiet neighbourhood, the energies here are pure and kind. For those of you living in a busy polluted and noisy environment, I am prepared to sell you those that I made here with love and respect. Email me (through my website) for further info.

N.B. This post is for your information only, we don’t take any responsability to what might happen to you during this action.

Roseline Deleu
Feng Shui Master & Author