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Studying intensively for his last exams at Uni, my son needed a break and said:
“Mum, let’s go for a drive, I need to change my mind.”
We headed to the Gold Coast hinterland towards Springbrook, he loves the drive.

Arriving in Springbrook, he said:
“So where are we going now, Mum?”

yellow carI was rather surprised with his question and I answered with a cheerful smile on my face:
“Follow that yellow car!”

So, here we were, following a total stranger who was driving along in a cute little yellow car along and very winding long road. We had with no idea at all where it was going to lead us and it was fun. The yellow car stopped a the “T” junction, we stopped behind it. It turned right, so did we. A little further it stopped on the left hand side of the road on the parking where the road sign said “The best Lookout Ever”! We parked our shiny red car next to it. Like kids, we were giggling inside our car while the other passengers of the yellow car got out and stretched. It was time for us to get out too. As I closed my door carefully, the driver of the yellow car turned to us and said with a big smile on her face:

“Oh, it’s good that you were following us, you knew the way!”
How odd. We were gobsmacked and could hardly contain our surprise. Our smiles stretched even larger.

antarctic beech trees SpringbrookThe weather was fresh, drizzling light drops of rain. We walked to the path leading to the outlook. To our surprise we discovered fantastic huge Antarctic beech trees in the mist. We took a few pictures. We actually felt like part of that setting in the old Star Wars movie when Anakin Skywalker meets Yoda in the swampy area.

We then walked further to discover a blocked view of the lookout, we literally were in the rain clouds!

We promised to go back there when weather cleared up and we did. The view is absolutely wonderful.

So, what conclusion or what have we learned from this Yellow Car experience?

  • Have fun
  • Live the moment
  • Welcome and embrace change
  • Do something new every day
  • In life, sometimes people assume that we know better than they do – Why? – The driver of the yellow car presumed that we knew the way!
  • Doing something unusual lead us very symbolically to “the best lookout ever” in our case it meant to our light and fun outlook on life on the day
  • Stop being too serious, it’s over rated!

Roseline Deleu Feng Shui MasterNext time you feel stuck in life… You will remember this story.
Then, simply follow a yellow car 🙂

Roseline Deleu