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patchwork genealogy treeLast week I saw a gorgeous Feng Shui idea at a client’s place. She is very crafty and created a genealogy tree in patchwork.

How better can you be, filling all those love hearts for each couple and family members. The white one was her parents, then her and her sisters + their husbands, then the grand children and their husbands and finally the great grand children are coming soon.

Feng Shui Steps Ba Gua in colourShe placed it in sector ‘3’ of her home corresponding to “Respect, Elders, Family, Health” (sector ‘3’ is represented in green on this grid, align 8-1-6 with the front entry of your home to find out where yours is located).

And you… what do you have on display in that sector? Something honouring your family would be great.

Happy Feng Shui!

Roseline Deleu