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A friend is staying with me for a few weeks. Today, it’s raining and both of us are working on our computers. I am preparing posts for my blog, he is de-cluttering old music and video files from his overloaded computer. He is listening to all of them before making his decision to ‘delete’. It’s noisy, too noisy and unfortunately not harmonious at all!

Love CandleWe all do learn every day… Today I am learning patience – so I say nothing. After an hour of loud and noisy music, I decide to connect with his higher self. I lit a “Love” candle and send him my positive and harmonious intention. In less than a minute he put the sound down!

All this without saying a word!

Let’s remember this easy little ritual and light a candle safely (with positive intention) when needed.

Roseline Deleu
Feng Shui Master & Author