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When harmonious Chi (energy) flow knocks at your front door, it can only be with good news!

Your surroundings silently speak about your life. Your decor reveals your weaknesses and strengths, your desires, your ambitions, your achievements too. Today, the fashionably ancient art of placement known as Feng Shui brings harmony around you and allows peace to flow out- and in-doors. Let’s have a quick look how to apply it with your local energies!

Roseline Deleu Feng Shui MasterMy most important question with this post today is – “Are you in harmony with the energies of your local land”?

How many traditional Chinese Feng Shui items are you worshiping in your homes here in Australia (or around the world)? I am afraid to say that by wearing ‘Made in China’ clothes, as well as putting Chinese items forward in your interior, you are encouraging the energies of China rather than encouraging national, regional energies and community businesses. Have you ever wonder how this could conflict with local culture, with your well-being and self-confidence? How much does it disturb the ancient traditional energies of your country? Understand the intrinsic significance of Feng Shui and please apply it in Australia with Australian items – in your country with your local items – results are so much faster, more powerful and happily rewarding!

I stepped away from the cheap traditional Chinese Feng Shui plastic items many decades ago. I rather encourage clients and students to enhance their energies with beauty and taste – certainly with what I define as ‘local’ items such as local Art, Music Instruments (for ex.  here in Australia: clap sticks & didgeridoo), Mobiles, etc. I’d rather see them creative and appreciate their belongings to the fullest. No need to buy more, no need to purchase anything even – we can live very well with very little (clutter-free). Harmony in your home is just a matter of placing the right item into focus, harmonizing colours and allowing Chi flow to smoothly swirl with the correct placement of your furniture.

Your stories are welcome!

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master & best-selling Author