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sunset on the lake with the moonYesterday, during our daily evening walk with my son (22 y.o.), we were admiring the sunset, waxing moon and the black swans drifting on the lake. After our evening meal it is a good excuse to get an ice cream and connect with the surrounding nature before a good night sleep.

On our way home, we discovered that none of us was stepping on the lines of the concrete path. We were adapting our steps accordingly.
“Funny that we both avoid stepping on cracks or lines on the paths” I mentioned.
“I never told you this when you were a child!”

We smiled and laughed!

Then I remember reading something relevant…

In Old Europe, the ground to the north side of the church was a liminal zone, for that was where the building’s shadow fell. Suicides, transgressors and unbaptised children would be buried in that part of the churchyard.
Shadows were seen as liminal in many cultures and the great German researcher of the Nazca lines in Peru, Maria Reiche, noticed that the Indians would not walk where the shadow of a rock touched one of the mysterious desert lines, because it was hallowed or full of evil spirits.
A vestige of such kinds of avoidance probably survives in the childhood game of not stepping on the cracks in the side-walk.
Extract of   ‘Re-Visioning the Earth’ par Paul Devereux ISBN 0-684-80063-2

Instinctively we avoid walking on lines and cracks. How about you?

black swansRoseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master,  Author and inspirational Speaker